Peer-Review Policy

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Submission to the Top Italian Scientists Journal (TISJ) is implemented by sending the article in a pdf format to You will receive an email confirming your request.

The content of the articles must be in English language and the references in Roman script, for more information on how to format the paper see Formatting the Paper


New submissions are initially checked with regards originality, suitability, structure and formatting, conflicts of interest, background of authors, etc. Poorly prepared manuscripts may be rejected at this stage.

Also, the new article must meet all ethical requirements as outlined in Publication Ethics and Publication Misconduct Statement.

If the manuscript does not meet one or more of these requirements, we will return it for further revisions to you or decline to consider your study for publication.

Once your manuscript has passed the initial checks, it will be assigned to a Reviewer who is expert in that area, it is important to state in which area the article will be published as described in the Aims and Scope section of the About the Journal.

In a case of a conflict of interest, the article will be assigned to the Editor-in-Chief.

Peer review

TISJ operates a single-blind review process, which means that reviewers know the names of authors, but the names of the reviewers are hidden from the authors. The scientific quality of the research described in the manuscript is assessed by an independent expert reviewer. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.


The article will be judged on scientific soundness only, not on its perceived impact as judged by the Reviewer. There are three possible decisions:

  • Accept (your study satisfies all publication criteria);
  • Invitation to Revise (more work is required to satisfy all criteria);
  • Reject (your study fails to satisfy key criteria and it is highly unlikely that further work can address its shortcomings).

All of the following publication criteria must be fulfilled to enable your article to be accepted for publication:


The study reports original research and conclusions.

Data availability

All data to support the conclusions either have been provided or are otherwise publicly available.


All data have been analysed through appropriate statistical tests and these are clearly defined.


The methods are described in sufficient detail to be replicated.


Previous work has been appropriately acknowledged.


The conclusions are a reasonable extension of the results.


The study design, data presentation, and writing style comply as outlined in Publication Ethics and Publication Misconduct Statement.


Authors are required to submit the revised article within one week. If authors need more than week to revise their manuscript, we usually require the authors to resubmit their manuscript.


If you are not happy with the decision taken by your Reviewer, you could appeal by writing to the Chief-in-Editor explaining your reasons. Please note that we do not allow multiple appeals: a second decision will be final.

After acceptance

Once an article is acceptable then it will be published online only.

Article processing charges

TISJ is an open access journal, everyone can read the research we publish for free. When a paper is accepted for publication, the article processing charge is free. Authors can make a donation to the Journal to cover the cost of the ISSN number, the editing and online publication of the article.